Friday, November 7, 2008

A whole new world.

Today didn't start off too well. First period, I took an Algebra 2 test, which I undoubtedly failed. I kinda feel bad cause I wasn't able to go over some of the other parts of the chapter with Vanessa. In other words, our grades both most likely went down with the ship. At least we got a donut. But for the other two classes I had, I kept falling asleep. I was trying to listen to my history teacher by having my head up, my arm holding it up. Then my eyes started closing, and my mouth was slightly open, and she called on me. Roflmao. But right before everyone looked at me, I (hope I) played it off quick enough to make everyone else think I wasn't falling asleep. Hahah. Hm, also, Mr. Cannon gave me my 2 free tickets to the Saints game today, but I gave them to Elanie and Trisha. I couldn't go cauuuuse . . I was out recording with the bombest Meghan Magyawi, for her debut. Her voice can knock you out, heh. But yeah, hence my first blog title, "A Whole New World," which was what we sang together, and are going to sing together on her debut, the 29th. Holyshiznits, Thanksgiving weekend. Aright, I'm tired, so. Nite.